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V. Iyyappan Author

Scanning Electron Microscopic Changes in The Fat Body of Adult Male Odontopus Varicornis (Dist.) (Hemiptera: Pyrrchocoridae) Treated With Phytopesticide Nimbecidine

Department of Zoology, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar-608002, Tamil Nadu, India


V. Iyyappan, his present study is on the use of primary against household and storage pests and to a limited extent against crop pests. He is in the department of Zoology at Annamalaih University. One of his famous publication is SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPIC CHANGES IN THE FAT BODY OF ADULT MALE ODONTOPUS VARICORNIS (DIST.) (HEMIPTERA: PYRRCHOCORIDAE) TREATED WITH PHYTOPESTICIDE NIMBECIDINE.

Subjects of specialization: Zoology, Toxicology

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