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S. Kalaiyarasan Author

Study on Volatile Compounds of Flank Scent Gland and Behavioural Analysis of Soft-Furred Field Rat Millardia Meltada (Gray, 1837)

Department of Zoology, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Kumbakonam-612 001, Tamil Nadu, India


Dr. S. Kalaiyarasan is in the department of Zoology and Expertised in the fields of Zoological Science and Entomology. Present study is on the flank scent gland from sexually mature and reproductively active male and female soft-furred field rat Millardia meltada. One of his famous publication is STUDY ON VOLATILE COMPOUNDS OF FLANK SCENT GLAND AND BEHAVIOURAL ANALYSIS OF SOFT-FURRED FIELD RAT MILLARDIA MELTADA (GRAY, 1837).

Subjects of specialization: Zoology, Entomology

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