Current Trends in Cardiology

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Current Issue

2020: Volume 4, Issue 1

Research Article P.24-28

To determine the prevalence of dyslipidemia and lipoprotein abnormalities among siblings of young acute myocardial infarction patients.

Author(s): Awadhesh Kumar Sharma, Ranjit Kumar Nath, Neeraj Pandit


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Case Report P.5-8

An infrequent association: Left ventricular non compaction with bicuspid aortic valve and coarctation of the aorta.

Author(s): Aureo Campos-Tello, Giancarlo A Valle, Felix A Revilla, Sara Rami­rez-Flores, Ãngel CuevaParra, Zoila Rodriguez-Urteaga


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Research Article P.29-37

Identification of severe coronary stenosis by two-dimensional strain in acute coronary syndrome without ST segment elevation.

Author(s): Andrea de Andrade Vilela, Jorge Eduardo Assef, Elizabete Silva Santos, Fernando Rui Ramos, David Costa de Souza Le Bihan, Rodrigo Bellio de Mattos Barretto, Amanda Guerra de Moraes Rego Sousa


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Research Article P.9-12

An audit project to improve the service management of patients presenting with acute stroke compared to the standard guidelines.

Author(s): Hussein Taqi, Mohanad Aldiwani , Ahmed Zwain


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Editorial P.13-14

Editorial Note- Recent Updates on Cardiology

Author(s): Harun


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Original Article P.15-17

Anti-embolic stockings (AES) for cardiac surgery patients in the perioperative period.

Author(s): Mohammad Miah, Mauin Uddin, Mohammad Parvez Ahmed, Syed Al Nahian, Thomas Seddon, Ahmed Ashoub


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Research Article P.18-23

Comparison of initial outcomes between minimally invasive right minithoracotomy and standard median sternotomy in patients undergoing isolated surgical closures of atrial septal defects.

Author(s): Sumsul Arif Mohammad Musa, Mauin Uddin, Syed Al Nahian, Mohammad Parvez Ahmed, Saikat Das Gupta, Rubana Forhad, Prasanta Kumar Chanda, Farooque Ahmed and Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Miah


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Case Report P.1-4

Case report: A young man with a rare grown-up congenital heart disease.

Author(s): Angel D. Cueva ,Giancarlo A. Valle, Félix A. Revilla , Sara Ramírez-Flores, Aureo Campos-Tello, Zoila Rodriguez Urteaga

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