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Istvan Halasz Author

Analytica-2015 : Precise analysis of elements in silica powders by LA-ICP-MS - Istvan Halasz and Runbo Li - PQ Corporation

Dr. Istvan Halasz, Principal Chemist at PQ Corp


Dr. Istvan Halasz is a Principal Chemist and Special Analytical Group Supervisor at the Research and Development Center of PQ Corporation in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. He was born, educated, and started teaching/research career in Hungary. He graduated as teacher of Chemistry and Physics from the Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, Hungary and obtained Ph. D. in Physical and Organic Chemistry from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary. 

Subjects of specialization: Heterogeneous Catalysis, spectroscopy of solids and liquids, Hydrophobic/Hydrophillic Adsorption

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