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Ghazale Daneshvar Tarigh Author

Analytica-2016: Direct enantioenrichment of DL-mandelic acid by in situ immobilization of a general resolving agent on the magnetic multi wall carbon nanotube- Ghazale Daneshvar Tarigh- University of Tehran

Ghazale Daneshvar Tarigh, University of Tehran


Ghazale Daneshvar Tarigh received her PhD degree in analytical chemistry from University of Tehran, Iran in 2015. She received her bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in pure chemistry at the University of Zanjan, in 2003. She got her master's degree (M.Sc.) under the direction of Prof. Yadollah Yamini at TMU and Prof. Ali Jabbari at KNTU in 2009. Her field of interest is the development of new extraction technologies, with an emphasis on miniaturized sample preparation methods and separation techniques.

Subjects of specialization: analytical chemistry, development of new extraction technologies, miniaturized sample preparation methods , separation techniques

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