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Young Research Forum - Journal of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Young Researchers Forum at International Conference on Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Ioannis (Yiannis) Karapanagiotis

Associate Professor, University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, Greece, E-mail: [email protected]

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The new yearly event Biosensors 2020 Conference slated to hold from April 22-23, 2020 at Tokyo, Japan is aimed at early career researchers PhD students, postdocs, and other young researchers, offering a mix of lectures, on various topics related to the conference.

The Young Researchers Forum (YRF) provides a platform for reflection and dialogue, covering a specific spectrum of questions related to higher education, research, innovation and science-based societal advice for the improvement biosensors and bioelectronics field. It is specially designed to foster cross-disciplinary exchange. It brings together scientists or researchers who are at an early stage of their career to acquire insight into advanced research approaches from other disciplines, to discuss their work and also recognize synergies for future association or collaboration. The focus-topics in this year’s forum are meant to highlight specific issues and developments in the field of electronics.

The Biosensors 2020 YRF has two primary goals:

• To develop communication amongst young researchers and across different institutions

• To offer a platform to address issues specifically affecting students and junior researchers, such as options for career development, available research projects, funding opportunities and many more

Researchers who are applying for the Biosensors 2020 Young Researcher Award should send a letter of recommendation from a senior faculty member or their research advisor along with their resume via email along with the submission of their abstract at

Young investigators or researchers who are not older than 33 can send their abstracts written proper to the guideline in the conference website or via e-mail. As a result of reviewer evaluation, the researchers who will make presentations will be announced.

The award winning papers will be considered for publication in the Allied Academies Publishing Group journals after the standard review procedures.

The purpose of Biosensors 2020 YRF Award is to increase motivation among young researchers contributing to research and development in biosensors, bioelectronics, transducers, immunosensors, biomedical research and related industries in developing countries. This is a new award that identifies early career brilliance and is open to PhD students and researchers.

At Japan Biosensors 2020 Conference, the participants will have an exclusionary opportunity to interact and share with some of scientists, driving this field forward. The schedule of presentations and panel discussions will hear from some of the leading researchers which also feature a host of experts with a wealth of information on the biosensors, electronics industry and the business community.

Attendees from industry, academic institutions and business are invited to join the Tokyo Biosensors 2020 Conference to assess the current situation of electronics science, foresee ways for effective implementation of science achievements into industry.

We are proud to bring this year’s meeting to Japan, which is playing a key role in driving some of the most exciting new commercial applications in electronics.

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