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Short Communication - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Utilizing artificial intelligence to reduce the time-to-fill (without losing the human element)

Rollis Fontenot III

Ascend HR Corp, USA

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How to integrate and utilize Artifical Intelligence in healthcare talent acquisition. Initial candidate phone screening and especially interview scheduling can be a massive time-strain for HR, recruiters, and hiring managers. Integrating an AI ChatBot into the recruiting workflow can not only save time and enhance the candidate experience but also can reduce the time-to-fill.


Your morning commute, the flight to this conference, the 1000+ emails in your spam inbox, your Pinterest and Instagram enjoyment, depositing your paychecks, connecting with colleagues on LinkedIn, your Spotify playlist, and your one-click online shopping habits ... what do all these things have in common? Artificial Intelligence.

For many people, Artificial Intelligence can seem too technologically advanced, futuristic, and even a bit scary. However, in reality, most of us are actually very familiar with artificial intelligence and likely even using it on a daily basis.

The workplace is no exception; AI is currently being used in a variety of industries and technical disciplines to automate processes, save time, and ultimately to aid humans in solving problems and learning how to adapt. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, utilizing AI in the talent acquisition process creates MORE time for human-to-human interaction, leading to overall better TA results.

We have successfully integrated an AI chatbot to help automate the most time-consuming processes in healthcare talent acquisition: filtering and scheduling. With the help of an AI chatbot, we have streamlined the work of our recruiters, who no longer have to play phone/email tag with hundreds of candidates while attempting to get necessary candidate information or schedule interviews. The AI chatbot gathers pertinent and qualifying candidate data, sorts candidates based on predetermined criteria, answers commonly asked candidate questions, and schedules phone screenings or in-person interviews. The AI chatbot is integrated with our ATS and calendar software to further streamline the backend process for recruiters. By utilizing the technology of the AI chatbot, our recruiters save an average of 30 minutes per qualified candidate. This time-savings on administrative duties has helped to create the much-needed additional time for the recruiters to make meaningful, human connections with candidates.

This presentation will provide attendees the opportunity to create a deeper understanding of AI chatbots, to interact with our AI chatbot in a live demonstration, and also learn how to integrate AI technology into their existing TA processes while creating exceptional ROI for their healthcare organizations.


Rollis Fontenot III is the founder and president of Ascend HR Corp, a firm that is revolutionizing the US healthcare recruitment industry by offering talent acquisition services on a subscription basis. He joined the healthcare recruitment industry in 2004 and founded his recruitment firm in 2009. His firm has been awarded the 2016 and 2017 Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. He served on the 2018 board of the Dallas Fort Worth Healthcare Human Resources Association (DFWHHRA), is the current Executive Director of the Houston Healthcare Human Resources Association (HHHRA) and is a member of ASHHRA and SHRM.

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