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Editor Note - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2021) Volume 11, Issue 1

Otolaryngology-Overview about the Journal

Swapna Rani Nenavath*

MS Pharma, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, NIPER-Hyderabad, India

*Corresponding Author:
Swapna Rani Nenavath
MS Pharma, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, NIPER-Hyderabad, India
Tel: +09640674862
E-mail: swapnarani07@gmail.com

Received Date: January 25, 2021; Accepted Date: January 25, 2021; Published Date: January 31, 2021

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Otolaryngology is recognized as one of the fast growing clinical research subjects in recent years. There has been substantial progress on the technological front for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of head, neck and throat disorders. Key areas of research in modern Otolaryngology include development of machine learning based clinical applications for accurate surgeries, telemedicine in otolaryngology for improved patient care outcome as well as development of three dimensional surgical simulators for high risk procedures.

Otolaryngology Online Journal publishes electronic peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the diagnostic, therapeutic and management aspects of ear, nose, throat, neck and head disorders and diseases. The Journal offers coverage of a wide range of topics in Otolaryngology including experimental and clinical research in anatomy and physiology, radiation therapy, laser therapy, non-invasive therapy, pain management, maxillofacial trauma, chronic rhinosinusitis, pediatric and geriatric otolaryngology. The Journal focuses on content conveying new developments in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches such as minimal invasive surgeries, reconstructive surgery, facial, plastic surgery, endoscopic surgery, implants, and cosmetic surgery for improved patient outcome.

Diverse type of article published by the Journal including case studies, research articles, review articles, expert opinions and perspectives provide latest insights and evidence based expert guidance to the primary and advance care physicians and clinicians aiding them in evaluation of patient condition and addressing emerging challenges faced during clinical practice. All the articles in the current volumes were published in a timely manner in six issues with an average article production time from the date of receipt being 14 days per manuscript. The article type distribution and composition per issue were also regulated well with an average of 4 articles per issue.

The current volume of the Journal contains published research, review, opinion, editorials and case study articles pertaining to trending topics and emerging areas of research including studies on endonasal endoscopic surgical treatment of inverted papilloma, exophthalmia, sinonasal tumor; black hairy tongue and mouth diseases; tympanoplasty, pediatric tympanoplasty, chronic otitis media; chemotherapy and radiotherapy of head and neck cancers, frontal lobe syndrome; corticotherapy in bullous pemphigoid and cutaneous blisters; foreign bodies in esophagus; endoscopic ear surgery; anti-diptheritictoxin medication in corynebacterium diptheriae; reliability of video head impulse test; sudden hearing loss, lyme disease, antibiotic therapy; airway obstruction of larynx; corona virus infection and COVID-19 pandemic and symptoms; cancer of larynx; histopathology of cholesteatoma; mucoperichondrial repair and septal perforation; carcinoma of oral cavity and lymph node; vestibular posturography; rhinoplasty for treatment of anosmia. These articles represent latest and trending clinical research activities in Otolaryngology, sophistication in diagnostic techniques and novel treatment approaches for various applications in various otolaryngological pathologies [1-3].

I thank all the contributing authors for communicating their valuable research outcomes through our Journal. I extend by sincere appreciation to all the editors, reviewers for rendering their professional services for timely publication of the articles keeping in accordance with the Journal schedule. I take this opportunity to welcome the newly deputed editors and reviewers on board and am very much looking forward for the next issue release.


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