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Editorial - Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

International Conference on Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine | July 6-7, 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adrian Udrea

Medical Director, Co-Owner la Medisprof Cancer Center, Romania, E-mail: [email protected]

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Market Analysis

Rehabilitation in physical medicine is that core branch of health care industry which holds training, medicine and physical equipment to help people recover from their inabilities that are a result of any recent change in their health condition. Once a person is finished with his treatments or surgery for healing any physical impairment/ disability they then require rehabilitation to regain their strength and resume their ordinary life post injuries.

Rehabilitation products can include speech, occupational or physical therapies based on the requirement of the patient. Rehabilitation mainly aims at making people independent after their critical treatments or surgeries. The products which include motion devices, exercise equipment, daily living aids, treatment tablets, healthcare furniture and positioning products are designed to restore, maintain and enhance the physical strength of a person after treatment.

The rehabilitation products available globally are categorised under different bases such as:

• Product Insights

o Mobility equipment: wheelchairs, scooters, walking assist devices

o Exercise Equipment: hand grip exercisers, paedo-cycles, arm, chest, and foot exercisers, multi-exercise chairs etc,

o Daily living Aids: medical beds, bathroom & toilet assist devices, and reading, writing, & computer aids

o Body supporting Devices: patient lifts and slings

The global market is currently led by the mobility equipment followed by the daily living aids. This segment is expected to maintain its growth in the upcoming times calculation the increase in number of elderly and handicapped persons around the globe.

• Application Insights

o Physiotherapy

o Occupational Therapy

Taking the advantage of its more holistic approach, occupational therapy is leading the global market. Growing geriatric population, changing lifestyles and number of mortal accident rates are propelling towards its increasing demand. The constant prevalence of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has made a way of increase of rehabilitation applications in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary segment and is expected to have a stiff growth of the market in this region. Physiotherapy when uses techniques for the improvement, maintenance and restoration of physical strength, occupational therapy on the other hand is more about the comprehensive evaluation of patients, their family and environment thus encouraging them to perform their daily activities on their own.

• End use Insights

o Hospitals & Clinics

o Rehab Centres

o Households

Hospitals and clinics account for the largest segment of the market as hospitals use the most rehabilitating devices in the current scenario owing to its patient pooling. At the same time rehabs is expected to have a steady growth in the forecasted period owing to the growth in awareness of people about physiotherapy, technological advancements in physiotherapy centres, and rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases. Also, as per the estimate of about the increasing number of sports injuries which involves almost 62% injuries during practices the physical medicine segment sees a growth of market owing to the fact that almost 8000 athletes each year are treated in emergency rooms.


• Regional Insights

o North America

o Europe

o Asia Pacific

o RoW

North America is currently the largest player in the rehabilitation sector and is expected to hold its position in the upcoming times and is followed by Europe whereas Asia Pacific is calculated to be the fastest growing segment given to the emerging economies of China, Japan and India. Enhanced knowledge about rehabilitation equipment, growing number of physicians, and supportive government programs & policies are expected to propel growth in this region. The growth in the cases of chronic diseases has resulted in the growth of government programs which increases the demand for home based remedies that also helps in propelling the segment of physical medicine and rehabilitation.


• Competitive Insights

o Invacare Corporation

o Medline Industries, Inc.

o Dynatronics Corporation

o Drive Devilbiss Healthcare

o Esko Bionics

o Caremax Rehabilitation Equipment Ltd.

o GF Health Products, Inc.

o Hospital Equipment Mfg. Co.

o Maddak, Inc.

o India Medico Instruments

• The global market value of Clinical rehabilitation Service Market was valued to be $1.5 million in 2018 and is expected to rise to be $2millions by 2024 with Asia Pacific occupying the most segments of market.

• The current end users of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists rehab nurses and orthopaedists, and is estimated to have the sports enthusiasts to get involved in a higher quantity in the upcoming times. The key areas of injuries that rehabilitation focuses upon for treatment and development include back support, Abdominal support, knee and ankle support, wrist support, cervical support, general aids, arm and shoulder support, pelvic, skin and ankle traction kits, cervical traction kits, adhesive bandages, wheel chairs, commode wheel chairs and walkers, sticks and rollators. The industry is still working hard and giving its bet in innovative designs to make new products to benefit patients with other disorders and enhance the lifestyles in a healthier way.

• The growing population of geriatric patients and number of accidents leading to handicapped persons is propelling the market for physical medicine and rehabilitation. The massive efforts being put all over the world in upgrading the healthcare infrastructure in order to aid the patients suffering from cases of cardiovascular diseases, drug abuse, cancer, and disabilities are helping in escalating the need of rehabilitation products resulting in a steep growth of the market segment.

• On the other hand, the high costs of these devices and the slow adoption rate among patients is providing hindrance to the growing sector which is being continuously worked upon in order to decrease the price and cost of a comfortable lifestyle who are in need of artificial help for the same. The technological developments in rehabilitation products are being looked forward to erase the negative impacts and carry the market forward to make people experience better lifestyles and creating a new era with healthier people who would be independent despite of physical inabilities.

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