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Awards 2020 - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Awards at 2nd International Conference on Womens Health, Reproduction and Fertility

Christos Tsitlakidis

Pinderfields Hospital, UK, E-mail:

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Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)

Reproduction Fertility 2020 shall recognize those who contribute to and support the purposes of the healthcare professionals in the successful commencement of event in an exceptionally worthy manner. This excellence awards is organized with the intention of valuing our healthcare professionals, General practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and practice managers, leaders in healthcare and clinical teams who are making an outstanding contribution in the field of medicine and healthcare.

We take the privilege of hosting the 2nd International Conference on Women’s Health, Reproduction and Fertility with valuable support of Scientific Committee Members at Dubai, UAE during March 16-17, 2020 with the theme “Insights into Women’s health and Infertility: Think differently” in association with Embryologist media. Reproduction fertility 2020 welcomes the Obstetricians and Gynecologists Specialists in IVF, IVF Centers, Gynecological Pathologists, Endocrinologists, Gynecological Oncologists, Infertility specialists, Professors, Students of Medicine Disciplines, Upcoming Researchers, and Pharmacists to be a part of it.

Reproduction fertility 2020 Awards serve several Purposes

 They are an expression of recognition for outstanding contributions in the field of

 Reproductive Healthcare and Women’s Health.

 They are an incentive to youth to surpass excellence.

Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)

The award to the experts who have made outstanding contributions to advancing in Reproductive Medicine & Women Healthcare. It is the most prestigious award of the whole conference and is also known as scientific service Achievement award. The recognition of this award resembles to a person’s outstanding contribution towards Healthcare research for a particular period. These contributions may be a new innovation, new knowledge, or ways to improve professional practice in the field of Reproductive Health, Women’s Health and Fertility based upon the research works. The eligibility criteria for achieving this award is that one should have minimum of 20+ years of expertise in the Women’s Health and Reproductive health field. The receiver of this award ought to have a dedicated fascination and should take initiative in researching the recent trends and developments in the field of Women Healthcare and Reproductive Medicine.

Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award)

The Award for skilled professional or educational research activity acquired in Reproductive research field in the public or private sector for consultants having research knowledge at 10+ years in the field of Fertility with most significant accomplishments. Committee members, having a good knowledge of the event management plan, are well placed to provide training, supervision and assistance to other personnel involved in the organization of the event. Ideally the organizing committee involves people with skills, sound knowledge and experience of events.

Best Keynote Speaker in Reproduction Fertility 2020

Keynote speeches usually support the speaker's perspective of future advancements and experiences. They can also include motivational and inspirational elements. However the most important factor for keynote message success is audience engagement, innovative ideas for the betterment of health conditions in society, someone who captures the essence of your meeting and can subsequently highlight it to your audience in a short amount of time, weaving the key message that you want the audience to take away with them, into their speech in a fun and memorable way.

Outstanding speaker in Reproduction Fertility 2020

Outstanding Presentation Awards are presented to acknowledge people who have created enforced an innovative approach to encourage active involvement for the betterment of the field of Reproductive medicine. The award ought to encourage people to try to appreciate their fullest potential that may successively be useful. Epic works are not only a testament to the individual’s efforts, but they also have the potential to change the whole world as they can lead to formulation of better policies and or a new mind set.

Outstanding Masters/Ph.D/PostDoc

The Outstanding Masters/ Ph. are awarded to promote, recognize and reward the most outstanding presentation presented by students or young researchers in the field of Women’s Healthcare and Reproductive Medicine. Each year, Chairpersons / Judges will assess and score student presentations at conferences based on the innovative ideas, communication and interaction skills. Typically, the topmost 2-5% of presenters in each section is awarded. Young Researchers Forum competition to encourage Young researchers /Ph.D. students to present their research works. Therefore, presenters are encouraged to give comprehensive and dynamic talks based upon their research work. All YRFs will present their research works during the conference and the best presenter will receive the best YRF award from honorable.

Best Poster Award

Student Poster Competition is organized at Conference, to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research. Poster presentations are a very important way of sharing significant research and deserve recognition. The poster gives a framework to visually summarize your work, to engage others in discussions, and an opening to entice others to learn more by reading the full paper. The student poster award will acknowledge work that best represents the purposes, goals, vision and adds new knowledge, contributes innovative research, and/or provides insightful contribution to the field by a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral student.

Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award)

The Young Researchers Forum provides the possibility to meet and deliberate research topics and methodologies to promote and develop ideas, learn and gain knowledge from Key investigators at the conference. The forum will offer an opportunity for collegial interaction with other young investigators and established senior investigators across the globe.

Young Researchers Forum competition to encourage Young researchers / students to present their research works. Therefore, all presenters are encouraged to give comprehensive and dynamic talks based upon their research work. All YRFs will present their research works during the conference and the best presenter will receive the best YRF award from Honorable Chair. These oral presentations should be of 10 minutes period in related scientific track tailed by 5 minutes question hour.

Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)

Reproduction Fertility 2020 offers a unique platform for women scientists for presenting newest research projects with a detailed analysis. We cordially invite women scholars and scientists from Universities/ Industries to who have 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. It provides a unique platform for women scientists for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. Women in Science Award highlight major contributions by female scientists to life sciences research. Women Scientist can nominate the deserving candidate through online.

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