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Young Research Forum - Journal of Pregnancy and Neonatal Medicine (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Announcement of Young Researchers forum for 17th International Conference on Nutrition and Health in Prague, Czech Republic on November 6-7, 2020

Matthew Ellman Samuel

Professor, Palliative Care, Yale School of Medicine, USA

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The aim of the Young Researchers Forum is to inspire and convey together young researchers within the field of Nutrition and Health. The Young Researchers Forum provides a vibrant place for discussing potential and current research at any stage, from idea to results. The forum strives to supply a friendly environment to permit young researchers to get feedback on their work, exchange experience, ask questions, explore pathways hospitable them. additionally, the forum stimulates interaction between young researchers, experienced researchers, and industry. Each author, additionally to reviewers relevant to their work, is going to be assigned an industrial mentor who also will assess and suggest improvements to their submissions.

Participation is open to anyone who considers himself/herself a ‘young’ scientist, ready to share their own research ideas and results with their peers and searching for a chance to inspire and be inspired and study research paths. AAC cordially invites Ph.D. students, Postdoctoral candidates and young researchers in any stage of their research young researchers in industry research pathways are all most welcomed to participate. additionally, we specifically invite Ph.D. candidates and young researchers presenting their work in the main ICNH20 conference to participate during this forum.

Nutrition Conference Committee is meant to honor prestigious awards for talented Young researchers, Young Investigators, Scientists, Post-doctoral fellows, Post-Graduate students, Trainees, Junior research faculty in recognition of their outstanding contribution towards the Nutrition conference theme.

The Best Young Research Forum Award is meant to address the researcher who will show its audience what the next generation of scientists are aiming to accomplish and how much they are ready to devote in order to achieve the developments and progressions that the world needs to lead the comfortable life that every person on the planet deserves. The young researcher who, despite his/ her age and experience will not fail in giving its audience a shrewd idea about.what they can expect from the future times and the verse of change where the world is leading on to.

The Young Researchers Forum offers youthful scientists the likelihood to satisfy and examine explore themes, share and make thoughts, gain from each other and gain learning from senior analysts. Young Researcher Sessions are sorted out at the worldwide Nutrition and Health conference 2020, to offer a one of kind stages to Young Researchers/Investigators for giving the foremost recent research extends an indoor and out an examination. Scientific Group unconditionally welcomes Young Researchers from all Universities, related Institutes, Nutrition based Industries to display a short introduction amid the discussion.

Present your Innovation through public speaking and find out about Career improvement and therefore the most up-to-date research tools and advances in your field. This discussion will give relevant and convenient data to the individuals who Conduct researches and people who use and cash in from research. Build up a foundation for joint effort among young scientists. The gathering will give a chance to collegial communication with other young researchers and established senior specialists over the world.

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