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Editorial - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2020) Volume 10, Issue 6

12th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery scheduled during August 31 - September 01, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Ali Mardassi

Head of the Department, Department of Otolaryngology, Military Medical Specialty Center, Qatar

*Corresponding Author:
Yavisheva TM
Head of the Department, Department of Otolaryngology
Military Medical Specialty Center, Qatar
E-mail: alimardassi@gmail.com
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ENT 2019 proudly announces the completion of the 7th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery in London during September 2019. We must thank the attendees, Park inn by Radisson’s Conference Hotel, Conference Centre Staff, the Organizing Committee, Ad- Sponsors, Media partners and everyone else that helped to make this 7th edition of International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery successful. ENT 2019 was popular beyond our expectations. This conference was organized around the Valuable Insights for Advancements in Otolaryngology made this event remember able.

Our Attendees had obtained the advance technical information in the arena of otolaryngology that they were seeking, and that their role in the field has been enhanced via their participation. They were able to take part in all the sessions and take advantage of the tremendous advancements in Otolaryngology that scientists are working with.

The Primely Focused Highlights for our ENT 2019 Conference were Otolaryngology, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, ENT Surgical Navigation, Otolaryngology Nursing, Ear Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck Oncology, ENT Case Studies etc.

Organizing Committee Members for ENT 2019

Dr. Ali Mardassi, Military Medical Specialty Center, Qatar

Dr. Karen Davidson, Central Michigan University, USA

Dr. Abdul Aleem Abdul, Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mojtaba Mafi, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Notable Speakers of ENT 2019

Mardassi Ali, Military Medical Speciality Center, Qatar

Renuka Bradoo, LTM Medical College and General Hospital, India

Kvasha O, Institute of neurosurgery, Ukraine

Vijay Vitore, G. G. Hospital, India

Mohammad Arif Achakzai, Sandeman Provincial Hospital, Pakistan

Bedajit RK, Nobel Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Nepal

Sandarva Giri, Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal

Nouf Albakheet, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia

Saha Poulomi, West Bengal Medical Education Service, India

We also thank to our Delegates, Student Delegates for attending ENT 2019 and made this conference a successful.

We would also like to extend the thanks to our Media Partners, who worked continuously for making the worldwide visibility of ENT 2019.

Kind Congress, Yellmed, Manuscriptedit.com, CLocate, BIONANONET, COURSEFORDOCTOR.COM, GBI, Medical Events Guide, Placid way, Plus91 Technologies, and The PharmaTimes.

Save your Date!

ENT 2020 is coming!

We are back again! After successful completion of ENT 2019, Allied Academies Conference is all set to Organize the next edition of Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery, the 12th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery which will be held on August 31- September 01, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

The theme of the conference is Surgical Enhancement to Enrich Quality in Otolaryngological Medication.

With our commitments towards the Public Health Orientations, AAC proudly announces the upcoming 12th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery which all set to provide you the Best Platform to learn and interact with the Peers on the above-mentioned dates of 2020 with its advanced Scientific Program, Workshops, Keynote Session, Oral Presentation Session, Poster Presentation Session, Young Researchers Forums, Exhibitions and so on.

Mainly, we are predicting the enthusiastic surgeons throughout the globe, who are well determined to make a great change in Surgery by sharing their experience and knowledge of this great conference.

The objective of this conference is well exonerated by its theme which is moving around of “Surgical Enhancement to Enrich Quality in Otolaryngological Medication”. 2 days of August will be entirely technology-oriented which will have the application for both Industry as well as Academia.

ENT 2020 will focus on the emerging issues in ENT Surgery and Otolaryngology, such as Head and Neck Oncology, Otology, Rhinology, Pediatric Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Intraoperative Neurological Monitoring, ENT implants and many more.

We are promised to Public Health to make Surgical Medication more effective, accessible across the globe.

Join us in Spain, to feel and observe the ENT Medication in an interactive way, you never thought of before!!

Warm Regards,

ENT 2020

Conference contact:

E: ent(at)surgerycongress(dot)com|

E: ent(at)alliedforums(dot)org| WhatsApp: +44 178 550 8016

12th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery Aug 31 – Sep 01, 2020| Barcelona, Spain

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