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Naveen Puttaswamy Author

Detection and evaluation of ELISA analysis for the circulating cancers sera antigens by monoclonal antibody UNIVmAB and pembrolizumAB.

Preethi Center of Oncology, Vattavyalil Cancer Trust, Mysore, Karnataka, India


Naveen Puttaswamy is currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Sri Ramachandra University (EHE-SRU), Chennai, India. He received his PhD in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Subsequently, he was awarded a NSERC fellowship to work at the NRCan, Ottawa. He is currently involved in a population based research that aims to assess the epidemiology of adverse pregnancy due to air pollution.


Subjects of specialization: Exposure Assessment, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Risk Assessment, Environmental Exposure

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