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- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2013) Volume 1, Issue 4

Horabagrus Melanosoma, A New Fish Species (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes) from Kerala, India

Taxonomic analysis of ten catfishes collected from low level regions of Manimala River reveals that they present several morphological differences from their relatives. The new species is diagnosed by a combination of the following characters: body and fins deep black to grayish black in live condition. Rayed dorsal fin inserted above ¾ of the length of pectoral fin, inner margin of dorsal spine serrated ¾ from the base with 12- 24 teeth, pectoral fin with 22- 30 antrorse teeth along inner edge of its spine, pelvic fin not reaching anal fin; Dorsal fin and its spine, pectoral fin and its spine shorter than its relative species. The fish is described and compared with its related species.

Author(s): Mathews Plamoottil and Nelson P. Abraham

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