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Editorial - Journal of Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Acidâ??base titration method for quantitative analysis

Acid-base titration is a method of quantitative analysis to determine the concentration of an acid or base by accurately neutralizing it with a known concentration of base or a standard solution of the acid. pH indicators are used to monitor the progress of acid-base reactions. If the acid dissociation constant (pKa) of the acid or the base dissociation constant (pKb) of the base in the analysis solution is known, the solution concentration (molar concentration) can be obtained. Construction of a titration curve, the pKa can be determined when the analyte solution has a known solution concentration. Alkali measurement and acid measurement Alkali measurement and acid titration are a type of volumetric analysis in which the basic reaction is a neutralization reaction. Acid-base titration is a special analytical application for acid-base titration to measure the concentration of basic (alkaline) substances, including standard acids. Alkali measurement is the same concept as special analytical acid-base titration, but for acidic substances that use standard bases.

Author(s): Massoud Kaykhaii

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