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Neurology and Neurobiology is a multifaceted, peer reviewed open access, scholarly journal that publishes important papers covering the whole field of neurological practises. The journal features full length scientific papers, original research articles, review articles, short reports, letters and reviews of neurological investigation. These articles are designed to fill the gap between the knowledge available from the textbooks and journal articles. Each issue publishes reviews and essays from eminent neurologists from around the world.

Neurosciences are one of the fastest growing areas of research today. So far, tremendous progress has been achieved in unravelling the mechanisms underlying memory formation and cognition.

Aims and Scope

The aim of this journal is, up to the minute publication of the most ground- breaking and cutting edge research in the field of neurology and neurobiology from around the world. We try to set agendas, create context and inform leaders and start the cycle of ideas. The addressing of the urgent topics of the society, initiating a debate by putting science into context will surely affect and thereby influence the decision makers all around the world. Along with the entire broad genre of neurological sciences, the focus remains on the most common disorders.

Emphasis is given to common disorders like cerebrovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy, subarachnoid haemorrhage, including papers concerning pathogenesis and treatment. The strength and scope of this journal lies in the ability to bring together the best minds from every related field. It is this approach that holds the key to unlock the secrets of the brain and the mind. The ultimate goal is to expand the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of humanity. The belief is that medicine must serve the society, that knowledge must transform society that the best science must definitely lead to better lives. We do realise and recognise that a great research paper is not enough and it does require development, mobilisation, and exposure.

All the Submitted articles are subjected to peer review process prior to its publication to maintain the quality and the significance of the journal. The published articles are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. This improves the citations for authors, useful in attaining impressive impact factor.

All Submissions (Only Research Article) on or before August 21, 2017 would not be subjected to processing charges.

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