International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology

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International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology

2013: Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Clinical Use of Andrographolide as a Potential Drug Against Vole Tuberculosis
    H. K. Garg and Ashish Shrivastava

  • Is Diclofenac Still a Threat to Gyps Vulture? A Case From Eastern Nepal and Adjoining Areas in India
    Rabindra Kumar Mandal and Kapil Kishor Khadka

  • Hepatoprotective Activity of Leaves Extract of Eichhornia Crassipes Against Ccl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity Albino Rats
    G. Dineshkumar, R. Rajakumar, P. Mani and T.M.M. Johnbastin

  • Study of Avifauna in Safari Park and University of Karachi, Pakistan
    Saeed Abbas, Shahid Hussain, Karim Gabol, Rahila Tabassum, Haider Abbas, Muhammad Zafar Khan, Babar Khan and Muhammad Umair Ali Khan

  • The Influence of Tannery Effluent on Biochemical Constituents in The Blood of The Fish Oreochromis Mossambicus (Bloch)
    A. Parithabhanu and K.J. Khusnumabegam

  • Prevalence and Distribution of Bacteria and Fungi Isolated from Patients with Urinary Tract Infections in Pattukkottai, Tamilnadu, India
    C. Manikandan and A. Amsath

  • Effect Of Diet on Serum Biochemical Parameters and Parasitism of Grasscutter (Thryonomis Swinderianus, Temminck, 1827) Raised in Côte D'ivoire
    Soro Soronikpoho, Karamoko Yahaya, Soro Dofara and Fantodji Agathe

  • Water Quality and Pollution Status of Tapi River, Gujarat, India
    Monika Dubey and N.C. Ujjania

  • Acute and Subchronic Effect of Monocrotophos on Haematological Indices in Catla Catla (Hamilton)
    S.P. Jeyapriya, P. Venkatesh and N. Suresh

  • Influence of Sequential Washing on The Ph and Electrical Conductivity of Graded Coir Pith
    J. Paramanandham, P. Ronald Ross, J. Vaidehi and K.S. Abbiramy

  • Effect of Probiotics on Reproductive Performance in Female Livebearing Ornamental Fish Poecilia Sphenops
    G. Chitra and N. Krishnaveni