Current Trends in Cardiology

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Current Issue

2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

Review Article P.21-30

Do actual medical literature depict a satisfactory view of Left ventricular assistant device and Right ventricular failure?

Author(s): Elio Aloia, Matteo Cameli, Aleksander Dokollari, Gianluigi Buccoliero, Mario Stricagnoli, Cosimo Rizzo, Giulia Elena Mandoli, Aladino Ibrahim, Massimo Maccherini, Sergio Mondillo


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Case Report P.31-33

The mystery of a deadly recurrent constrictive pericarditis: TB or not TB?

Author(s): Kenechukwu Mezue, Seyedhesamaldin Mostafavitoroghi, Pradhum Ram, Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Majorie Stanek, Edwin Tulloch-Reid, Ernest Madu


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Review Article P.33-38

Sudden death on the playing field: Can we prevent it?

Author(s): Rohan R. Wagle, Melvin D. Cheitlin


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Review Article P.39-46

Modern immunosuppressive agents after heart transplantation

Author(s): Maravić-Stojković Vera, Stojković Branislav, Perić Miodrag


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Research Article P.49-54

Effect of ventricular relaxation performance on blood flow profiles in fontan circulation.

Author(s): Hideaki Senzaki, Kenji Sugamoto, Yoichi Iwamoto, Shun Matsumura, Hirotaka Ishido, Satoshi Masutani


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