Journal of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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Current Issue

2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Short Communication P.1-3

Evaluation of diagnostic tests in human health and disease.

Author(s): Ian James Martins

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Case Report P.1-5

Plasmablastic lymphoma presenting as a large cervical-thoracic mass: Report of a case and literature review.

Author(s): Marcelo Corti, Luis De Carolis, Jorge Correa, Ana Campitelli, Marina Narbaitz

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Research Article P.1-7

Production of protease enzyme from fish guts using Pseudomonas fluorescens, Enterobacter cloacae and Bacillus megaterium.

Author(s): Fajingbesi AO, Abbas Abel Anzaku, Akande M, Ikwue Adakole Emmanuel, Ombugadu Akwashiki

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