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The relationship between HS-CRP serum levels with the results of cardiac perfusion SPECT imaging in patients with suspected coronary artery disease

Background: Coronary heart disease is known as the leading cause of death in industrialized and developing countries. Measuring the CRP in the study of cardiovascular disease, the cost is reasonable and one study has shown that it can have a strong and independent prognostic value of myocardial infarction and unstable angina. So, we decided to study the relationship between hs-CRP serum levels and the results of cardiac perfusion SPECT imaging in patients with suspected coronary disease. Materials and methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 1393 at Shafa hospital in Kerman; Patients with suspected coronary heart disease , candidates for perfusion scan to confirm or reject the ischemic heart disease were recruited into the study. hs-CRP levels in both groups were compared by normal and abnormal perfusion scans. In the end, the level of hs-CRP in both groups, and the correlation between hs-CRP and sex, age, and risk factors were analyzed. Findings: The mean age of patients with normal perfusion scan was 64.05 and 59.68 in the group with abnormal perfusion scan. (P=0.744). Average CRP in the group with normal perfusion scan was 1.96 and in the group with abnormal perfusion scan, 3.3. The difference in these two groups was statistically significant. (P=0.012). There was no significant difference between CRP levels and age, sex and risk factors. (P-value respectively: 0.727, 0.924, 0.329) Conclusion: In general, given the correlation between hs-CRP in patients with abnormal perfusion scan and the role of hs-CRP in infection and inflammation as causes of atherosclerosis inducer, the serum levels of hs-CRP test before ETT, the impact of scan results enhanced accuracy, especially in cases of suspected attenuation.

Author(s): Hamidreza Rashidinejad, Mansoor Moazanzadeh, Hosein Mirshekarpoor, Farzaneh Ebrahimi