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Synthesis and Inhibition of Microbial Growth by Benzophenone Analogues - A Simplistic Approach

The current study has been undertaken to synthesize different 4-hydroxy benzophenones and their acetic acid derivatives with pharmaceutical importance. The synthesized compounds 4a-j and 6a-j have been evaluated to study the effect of 4-hydroxy and carboxylic group in benzophenone on antibacterial activities against the microorganisms Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Targeted molecules have been synthesized by multi step synthesis. The antibacterial activity of the compounds 4a-j and 6a-j were studied against S. auerus, E.coli and B. subtilis using serial dilution method. The structure of the synthesized compounds was analyzed by IR, NMR, mass and CHN analysis. The effect of substitution on 4-hydroxy benzophenones and their acetic acid derivatives were tested for antibacterial activity. The present study reports that 4-hydroxy benzophenones 4a-j showed significant bacterial growth inhibition with the minimal inhibition concentration (MIC) ranging from 3-16 μg/mL when compared to 4-benzoyl-phenoxy acetic acid analogues (12-46 μg/mL).

Author(s): Ranganatha VL, Prashanth T, Naveen P, Mohammed Al-Ghorbani, Asha MS, Khanum SA