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Study of acute phase proteins in liver disease

Acute-phase proteins are a class of proteins whose plasma concentrations increase (positive acute-phase proteins) or decrease (negative acute-phase proteins) in response to inflammation. Hence the present study was conducted to evaluate the levels of the acute phase proteins in the normal healthy group & the liver diseases patient. The 40 liver diseases patients were enrolled in to the study. All the patients are informed consents. The liver diseases include the liver cirrohosis, jaundice, infective hepatitis. The age group of the patients are from 20-50 years. 20 normal healthy groups were also selected as control to study the levels of acute phase proteins in them. Ceruloplasmin and Serum transferrin is estimated from the pathological findings. From the above study it can be concluded that the acute phase proteins in liver disorders plays important role. The increases level of the ceruloplasmin and transferrin shows the liver disorders.

Author(s): Pandey CJ, Prasad CK