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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2016) Volume 6, Issue 1

Second Primary Cancer after Irradiation of Carcinoma Glottis

Laryngeal carcinomas accounts for approxi-mately 1.7 percent of all newly diagnosed cancer which is 25 percent of head and neck malignancies and among that ,90 percent is squamous cell carcinoma[1].The majority of laryngeal carcinomas are squamous cell carci-noma. Cancer of the larynx is most often found in males over the age of 50. It is often associated with heavy tobacco and alcohol use . The most common treatment options for laryngeal cancer patients are radiothera-py, surgery and chemotherapy. [2] In this article, we present a case of second primary carcinoma glottis (Left vocal cord) who presented to us following radiotherapy 15years back for carcinoma glottis (Right vo-cal cord). Our discussion is mainly towards radiotherapy itself being a cause for this sec-ond primary.

Author(s): Leena Balachandar, Karunakaran Alalasundaram

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