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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2016) Volume 6, Issue 1

Schwannoma over tongue base - Case report and review

Introduction: Schwannommas or neu-rilemomas are benign, slow growing, encap-sulated tumor of nerve sheath origin. They are the most common neurogenic neoplasm of parapharyngeal space. Although oral cavity constitutes an uncommon site of presenta-tion, tongue is the commoner sub site among them. Anterior tongue tumors are usually asymptomatic, but posterior placed tumors are symptomatic when enlarged.

Case Report: We are presenting here a case report of lingual schwannoma in a middle aged male, who presented with foreign body sensation in throat followed by dysphagia. The clinical examination revealed a 3.0x2.0 cm smooth mucosa covered swelling involv-ing the posterior third of tongue extending to left vallecula. MRI of oropharynx and neck revealed a diffuse heterogeneously enhancing lesion from posteri-or one third of tongue. Same was excised through trans oral route using endoscopy by coablation. Specimen sent for Histopathological Examination and reported as Schwannoma. Conclusion: Usually treated by enbloc surgical excision via transoral or submandibular ap-proach. In our case we successfully treated with transoral endoscopic approach using coblator for excision.

Author(s): Sankara Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, Nirmal kumar Jayaraman, Lourdes Albina S A

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