International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology

- International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology (2015) Volume 3, Issue 3

Puntius Dolichopterus, A New Fish Species (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae), from Kerala, India

Puntius dolichopterus, a new species of the family cyprinidae, is described from a freshwater stream at Kayamkulam of Kerala, India. It is distinguished from its congeners by the following combination of characters: Dorsal fin short and located a little behind the ventral fin origin; third dorsal ray osseous, rigid and strong, its spinous portion longer, 51.2- 52.2 % HL; pectoral fin long and reaches pelvic fin origin; pelvic fin extends to vent; lateral line scales 23- 24 + 1- 2; pre dorsal scales 8; 3- 4 longitudinal lines present below lateral line; a narrow and short depression present on occiput. The new species is compared with its closely related species.

Author(s): Mathews Plamoottil

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