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Phytochemical Qualitative Analysis and Total Tannin Content in the Aqueous Extract of Areca catechu Nut

Herbal medicines are respected for its medicinal values through generations. Areca catechu is commonly called as betel nut belonging to the family Arecaceae. Phytochemicals are the non-nutritive substances that protect the plant and human beings from diseases when consumed. In the present investigation, the aqueous extract of Areca catechu nut was analysed for the varieties of phytochemicals and the total tannin content was also quantified. The presence of saponin, flavonoid, tannin, phenol, steroid, alkaloid and protein were recorded in the aqueous extract of Areca catechu nut whereas acid and triterpenoid recorded their absence. Total tannin content was found to be 95.3 mg TE/g. Hence, it is proposed that Areca catechu nut may possess medicinal properties against human diseases.

Author(s): Vanimakhal RR, Balasubramanian ES