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Molecular Diagnostic Studies of subjects from Dhemaji district of Assam in Lieu of Determination of frequency of Japanese Encephalitis (JE)

In the present investigation, total of 156 samples (112 blood samples and 44 CSF samples) were collected for investigation of JE. Amongst them, 53 samples were found to be JE positive; 81 samples were found to be negative and 22 samples were categorized in equivocal category (may turn into positive with progression of time). As per IgM Elisa results, in 53 positive JE samples, 7 were JE positive Vaccinated males, 8 were positive vaccinated females, 16 were JE positive non-vaccinated males, 15 were JE positive non vaccinated females, 1 male was JE positive having unknown vaccination status and 6 females were found to be JE positive with unknown vaccination status. It was found that JE positive patients were dominant from age levels 0-40 years. The results of DNA bands of RT-PCR of positive, negative and equivocal samples were found to be in correlation with that of IgM Elisa results. It was observed that, positive samples showed that prominent DNA bands in comparison to latent bands in equivocal samples. There was no DNA band observed in negative samples

Author(s): Mridul Malakar