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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2012) Volume 2, Issue 1

Lupus Vulgaris with Laryngeal Lupus- A Case Report

Objectives : Tuberculosis ,though a common condition in our country is still an enigma because of its varied modes of clinical presentation,characteristics and spread. Our objective is to stress the importance of an complete clinical examination and analysis of the symptomatology in arriving at the diagnosis of laryngeal lupus and provide an update on current knowledge and treatment of lupus vulgaris with laryngeal lupus. Case Report : A 23 yr old female presented with ulcerative lesion in the upper lip, extending to the nose and also lesions in naso and oropharynx and in the larynx .A provisional diagnosis of lupus vulgaris cuasing laryngeal lupus was made and histopathologically confirmed.Patient dramatically improved with anti tubercular treatment. Conclusions : A thorough clinical examination, a strong suspicion and judicious use of investigations provided the clinical diagnosis of laryngeal lupus and which showed good improvement with latest regimen of anti tubercular treatment with complete cure in six months with out any significant residual scarring or disfigurement.

Author(s): Sankaranarayanan G, Prithiviraj V, Venugopal M

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