Otolaryngology Online Journal

Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 3

Do Singers Modulate their Harmonics differentially during Phonation and Singing?

Objective: Singing has been used as a method to enhance the voice in singers. Singers have increased pitch range, high frequency in their voices when compared to untrained voice. Of late, the cepstral measures are gaining atten-tion in the voice analysis as it is reported to be a strong predictor of vocal impairments. These measures signify the degree of har-monic organization in the voices. It was interesting to investigate cepstral charac-teristics of voice during phonation and singing. The aim of this present study was to compare the cepstral peak prominence of singers during phonation and singing.

Author(s): Radish Kumar, Ayshath Shahana, Shurooq Abdul Majeed, Jayashree S Bhat

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