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Review Article - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2015) Volume 5, Issue 2

Bilateral Meniere?s disease in the young, Dilemma?s in medical management: A critical review of literature

It is not very unusual for the ENT personnel to encounter cases of Meniere’s disease with bilateral ear involvement. As compared to unilateral cases the patient with bilateral in-volvement has more significant morbidity and emotional disturbance, particularly in young individuals. The present ambiguity in aetiol-ogy of the disease process has leaked to the management too and no definitive treatment options are described till date. The medical management at present is successful in con-trolling vertigo in the majority of the patients. But the symptoms of hearing loss and tinnitus are relatively less rehabilitated. The options of management like Aminoglycoside infusion and surgery have a limited role in cases with bilateral involvement and this drastically crip-ples the management protocol. The present review aims to evaluate the efficacy of indi-vidual agents and suggest a beneficial proto-col based on the current literature.

Author(s): Sahoo Kumar Anjan, Preetam Chappity, Kumar Rajeev

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