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Assessment of Serum Copper and Lead in Sudanese Cigarette Smoker

Objective: the objective of this study is to determine the concentration of serum copper and lead in Sudanese smokers. Material and Method: This case control study was carried out, 50 smokers males (aged 18-45 years old), and 50 non smokers males (aged 18-45 years old, as control) were enrolled. Three ml of venous blood were collected from each volunteer. Serum copper and lead were estimated using atomic absorption Spectrophotometer. Results: The of (mean ±SD) lead and copper in male person respectively were (1.10±.496, .70±.29) while the (mean ±SD) of lead and copper in non smoker respectively were (.002±.001, .92±.22). Serum lead was significantly increase in smokers compared to non smokers. A positive correlation found between serum Lead and the number of cigarettes per day and duration of smoking. Serum copper was significantly decrease in smokers compared to non smokers.. Serum copper and lead did not change due to age difference. There was a weak Negative correlation found between Copper level and the number of cigarettes per day and duration of smoking. Conclusion: A significant increased of serum lead and decreased of serum copper is detected in cigarette smokers in Sudan, whereas it is not affected by age differences, but affected by number of cigarettes, and duration of smoking

Author(s): Habab A. Hassan, GadAllah Modawe, AbdElkarim A. Abdrabo