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Assessment of Maternal Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 Supplement with Foetus Growth

The intrauterine growth & development of foetus is most susceptible stage in the human life cycle. The pregnant woman necessities extra quantities of nearly all essential nutrients to sustenance the growth and development of the foetus. In last few years, the requirement for additional folic acid before and during pregnancy has been extensively discovered, as there is association of it with the neural tube defects. And vitamin B12 is needed for synthesis of red blood cells. The maternal folic acid and vitamin B12 are linked with birth weight & body proportions of their newborn. Hence to get the normal weight baby delivered supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B12 is necessary. On this point the present assesment was designed to assess maternal folate & vitamin B12 status with respect to birth weight & body proportions of their newborn. The level of the folic acid and vitamin B12 was found to be very less in the women’s who had delivered the lower weight babies. This findings are similar to the reported study in the literature. So based on the already reported study and the present study we can conclude that the folic acid & vitamin B12 are two important supplements necessary for the normal baby growth.

Author(s): Kumari G, Singh R