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Antioxidant Activity of Paracalyx Scariosa (Roxb.) Ali against Ethanol Induced Oxidative Stress in BRL 3A Cell Lines

Background and Objectives: Paracalyx scariosa (Roxb.) Ali. is a woody twiners belongs to the family Fabaceae. The review has been reported the presence of flavonoids like quercetin, rutin and kaempferol etc and the aerial parts are having free radical scavenging, hepatoprotective activity. There are scientific proofs available regarding the antioxidant effect of these flavonoids. However, no scientific record is available for the antioxidant activity of Paracalyx scariosa (Roxb.) Ali. Hence the present study was designed to evaluate the antioxidant effect of Paracalyx scariosa (Roxb.) Ali against ethanol induced oxidative stress.
Methodology: Antioxidant effect of aerial parts extracts (methanol, benzene and acetone) and fractions (ethyl acetate, aqueous) of methanol was tested against ethanol induced oxidative stress in BRL 3A cell lines. The antioxidant effect was determined by measuring the biochemical parameters SOD, CAT and GSH. Silymarin was used as the standard drug for comparison.
Results: The extracts and fractions significantly reduced the ethanol induced oxidative stress by restoring the oxidative balance and elevating the reduced GSH levels. The results were analyzed by oneway ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s test
The present study suggests that the extracts (methanol, benzene and acetone) and fractions (ethyl acetate, aqueous) of Paracalyx scariosa (Roxb.) Ali. Possess significant antioxidant activity which was found to be dose dependent in BRL 3A cell lines.

Author(s): Alla R, Kuppast IJ, Mankani KL