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Antifeedant Activity of Leaf Extracts of Catharanthus Roseus and Ocimum Sanctum Against Fourth Instar Larvae of Spodoptera Litura

Plants were evaluated for their antifeeding properties against Spodoptera litura reared in the laboratory on the host plant cabbage. In the present study antifeeding activity of leaf extracts of two plants Catharanthus roseus and Ocimum sanctum was evaluated against fourth instar larvae of Spodoptera litura. Experiments to evaluate antifeeding potential of plants were conducted under choice and no-choice situations. In choice situation larvae were given choice to feed on extract treated and untreated cabbage leaves and under no-choice condition only treated leaves were provided as food to the larvae. Data pertaining to the experiments clearly revealed that all the plants showed varying degree of feeding deterrency. Catharanthus roseus and Ocimum sanctum showed similar but less profound trends in antifeedant activity against fourth instar larvae of Spodoptera litura. Antifeedant index of Catharanthus roseus was 48.42 percent on treated leaf disc and 18.19 percent on untreated leaf disc in choice experiment. Ocimum sanctum showed higher antifeedant activity compared to Catharanthus roseus and in choice experiment antifeedant index was 57.61 and 19.21 percent in treated and untreated leaf discs respectively at the 5 % of the extract.

Author(s): Sudha Summarwar and Jyotsana Pandey