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Analysis of The Awareness and Attitudes of Female Patients Regarding Breast Self-Examination in The Gynecology Clinic of Shohahdaye Kargar Hospial of Yazd (Iran) in 2011-2012

Breast cancer is known as the most widespread malignancy among women, categorized as a slow-growing tumor. If the diagnosis happens in the early stages, the treatment will be easier. The best way for breast cancer screening is self-examination. As per this issue, a study is carried out on the female patients who were referred to the Gynecology Clinic of Shohahdaye Kargar Hospial of Yazd. The present study is descriptive-analytical carried out on 250 female patients in the Gynecology Clinic of Shohahdaye Kargar Hospial of Yazd. The sampling was random, based on a specific set of inclusion criteria. The data gathering instrument included questionnaires with approved validity and reliability. Data analysis was performed via the use of descriptive statistic and Chi-square test. The results show that regarding the awareness and knowledge of breast self-examination, 85.5% of the subjects possess poor knowledge 6.8% were in average level, and only 6.2% enjoyed a high level of knowledge. With respect to attitude, 38.8% had positive attitude, and 61.1% and 0.1% respectively had average and negative attitude toward breast self-examination. According to the above findings, it can be concluded that awareness and attitudes regarding breast self-examination is not proper among women, and appropriate policies should be adopted accordingly.

Author(s): Fatemeh Khabaz Zadeh