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Research Article - Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Dermatological evaluation of counter irritant and anti-inflammatory effect of ethanolic extract of seed of Mangifera indica in rabbits.

Introduction: The assessment of the effect of ethanolic mngiferin in the treatment of irritation and inflammation on skin.

Methods: The study was conducted at Muhammad Institute of Medical and Allied Sciences, Multan, in October 2021. Four groups of 12 rabbits of either gender, were structured in this way that each group contained 3 rabbits. Anti-inflammatory activity was measured against betamethasone and potency of anti-inflammatory agents was examined by inducing inflammation through four different inducers phenol, formalin, acetic acid and sand paper. To treat ear distilled water was used as control group.

Results: Ethanolic extract of seed of Mangifera indica showed excellent counter irritant activity when compared with betamethasone and control group water. Maximum tolerated dose and minimum tolerated dose was calculated at an interval of 2 hours in (75, 50 and 25) µg/ml pattern. These doses with same pattern showed anti-inflammatory activity ranging between 93.01% to 75.13% in phenol 92.01% to 79.31% in acetic acid 94.02% to 79.21% in formalin and 93.12% to 60.21% in sand paper respectively.

Conclusion: Ethanolic Mangiferin has the ability to lighten the effect of inflammation.

Author(s): Amin Abbas*, Amna Ramzan, Eaman Ateeq, Usama Fiyyaz, Mashhud-ul-Hasan, Nazish Ramzan, Alisha Rehman

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