Timely Topics in Clinical and Vaccine Research

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Timely Topics in Clinical and Vaccine Research

Timely Topics in Clinical and Vaccine Research is a scholarly peer-reviewed periodical journal that publishes latest developments relating to the adept and novel approaches for the conduct of clinical and vaccine research. It also publishes research developments that propagate the process of development and administration of human and animal vaccines against rampant as well as comparatively rare diseases.

The scope of Timely Topics in Clinical and Vaccine Research aims towards the genesis and implementation of better means of safe and effective medical practices, diagnostic techniques, devices, medication, diagnostic tools, clinical trials, treatment regimen, vaccinovigilance and pharmacovigilance that are essential for proper healthcare management. It also involves drug discovery, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, epidemiological studies, clinical trials of drugs, diagnostic techniques and other therapeutic strategies, human and veterinary vaccines, immune responses to vaccines, vaccine delivery systems and safety, human and animal subject research and safety monitoring. The journal solicits original scientific contributions that showcase research ethics, ethical and systematic methods of conduct of clinical research.

Scope of the Journal is categorized into the following sections:

Treatment Research: Drug discovery; Drug development; Biopharmaceuticals; Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics; Pharmacogenomics; Vaccines research; Behavioral and Psychotherapy; New medical devices; New approaches to surgery, radiation or integrative complimentary therapy; Gnotobiotics Research.

Prevention Research: Uses of biological systems; Biomarkers research; Adverse drug and vaccine reactions; Nutrition; Nutrigenomics; Metabolomics; Use of medicines, vitamins, minerals, vaccines, herbs and other botanicals; Lifestyle and geographical effects

Diagnostic Research: Developing new diagnostics; Using diagnostic tests, biomarkers and products; Efficacy on implementation; Treatment regimens and cost comparisons

Screening Research: Medications efficacy; Medical devices safety; Assessment of new pharmaceutical and biological drugs; Vaccine safety and efficacy

Epidemiological Studies: Patterns, causes, prevention and control of disorders in groups of people and animals; Genetic and Epigenetic studies; Quality of Life, Hospice Care, and End of Life research; Usage of statistical techniques; Cost-Benefit assessment

Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance, and Vaccinovigilance: Evaluation of medications, vaccines and devices; Biomedical research; Approval of biologic products including vaccines, blood products, tissue, organ and other biologics, 3D printing; tissue and organ transplantation; in vitro fertilization; gene therapy and human cloning

Study Protocol Development, Medical Affairs and Case Studies: Clinical significance; Clinical study design; Blinded experimentation; Case-control study; Placebo-controlled studies; Clinical control group; Randomized controlled trial, Vaccine safety and efficacy trials; Prospective cohort study; Retrospective cohort study; Human and Animal subjects research; Safety monitoring

Timely Topics in Clinical and Vaccine Research prioritizes the worldwide dissemination of novel propositions in regulatory affairs and the norms that need to be followed for all future clinical research and vaccination programs. The sole aim of the journal is to publish scientific manuscripts that directly or indirectly contribute to the betterment of extant healthcare tools and practices. The journal accepts manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, letters to editor and commentaries. All submissions are to be made online through the journal’s editorial manager system. All the submitted articles undergo a single blind peer review process. The acceptance/rejection/revision of the articles is based on the comments provided by the subject matter expert/reviewer.

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