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About Allied Academies

The Allied Academies' family of journals have been performing very well in Business and Management and are a perfect fit for our readers. We provide our authors and readers a platform that serves them well and helps them share their work with the global community. We are expanding the focus of Allied Academies beyond Business and Management Journals to incorporate scientific areas as well.

Our primary focus is to support original research work, share and exchange the ideas of authors from various institutions with the world. Our journals act as successful outlets for numerous scholars including teaching professors and researchers.

Allied Journals

Welcome to the Allied Academies list of affiliate journals. Each of the journals of our affiliates is double blind, peer reviewed with an acceptance rate of 25%. For access to the online journals, please see the links below. If you would like to learn more about the affiliate Academy, please visit the Affiliate Academies page.

More information on the journal submission process is available on our Journal Submission Instructions page. For more information on which Journal best suits your work, please see the Academy Overview page. Please direct any questions to the Executive Director of the Allied Academies.

Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies (JIACS)

Classroom teaching cases, with Instructor's Notes, on subjects which are taught in Business Schools. These cases can be Library or Field based, or Illustrative, but all must be accompanied by Instructor's Notes

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Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal (AAFSJ)

Theoretical or empirical works in Accounting or Finance

Academy of Strategic Management Journal (ASMJ)

Theoretical or empirical works in Management, Strategic Management or Leadership

Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (JEE)

Theoretical, empirical or applied research or educational or case studies in Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurial Executive (EE)

Applied research, case studies or qualitative research in entrepreneurship of value to practicing entrepreneurs

Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (AEJ)

Theoretical and empirical works in Entrepreneurship

Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict (JOCCC)

Theoretical or empirical works in Organizational Culture, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Organizational Behavior, or Human Resources

Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research (JEEER)

Theoretical, empirical, applied, or qualitative research and educational or case studies into economics or economic education