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Future Journal of Economics Research is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes critical analysis of novel and adept economic principles. Economics research studies enrich us with the various aspects of domestic and industrial production, consumption and also transfer of wealth. 
The Future Journal of Economics Research aims to publish original manuscripts that showcase results of studies conducted on e-commerce, public investment management, revenue transparency, industrial economic policies, agricultural economics, tax policies and financial liberalization.
The scope of the journal encompasses business studies, ethics, education issues, entrepreneurship, electronic markets and Services, strategic alliances, microeconomics, behavioural and health economics, government regulations, taxation and law issues, macroeconomics, financial markets, investment theories, banking, international economics, FDI, economic development and system dynamics.
The journal also publishes articles that highlight recent developments environmental studies, urban issues, emerging markets, empirical studies, quantitative and experimental methods related to economic research. Articles that address various aspects of econometrics, economic history, financial economics, international economics, political and public economics are highly welcome. 

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