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The “Journal of Child and Adolescent Health” is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that encourages to publish new research findings in the field of Adolescent Medicine and child Health ranging from the basic biological and behavioral sciences to public health and policies for improving the health and well-being of adolescents. One of the primary goals of this journal is to disperse the scientific and scholarly knowledge unique to the health needs of adolescents.

The Journal seeks original manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, letters to the editor, commentaries, and case reports in the field of Anthropology, Dentistry and Oral Health, Education, Health Services Research, International Health, Law, Medicine, Mental Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Psychology, Public Health and Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Youth Development, Eating disorders, Mood Disorders, Anger Management, Anxiety, Autism, Adult Psychology, Depression Disorders and other disciplines that work with or are committed to improving the lives of adolescents and young adults.

The “Journal of Child and Adolescent Health” aims to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments. Manuscripts are subjected to rigorous peer review, where acclaimed scientists that are part of the editorial board are involved in this process to add value to the research findings.

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