Biomedical Research

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Biomedical Research

2005: Volume 16, Issue 1

  • Effects of monocular enucleation on the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of rabbit: A qualitative light and electron microscopic study
    Aijaz Ahmed Khan

  • Rutin (a bioflavonoid antioxidant) attenuates age-related memory deficits in mice
    Kamal Kishore and Manjeet Singh

  • Anaemia prevalence and its affecting factors in pregnant women of Isparta Province
    A.Nesimi KISIOGLU, Mustafa OZTURK, Z. Aytul CAKMAK, Fehmi ÖZGÜNER

  • Evaluation of thyroid hormone status after acute myocardial infarction in South Indians
    Medha Rajappa and S.K. Sen

  • Isolation of Excretory Secretory Protein 6 kda antigen (ES-6) and its seroreactivity in patients with different stages of pulmonary tuberculosis and healthy household contacts
    Sonika Gupta, Niraj Shende, Satish Kumar and B.C. Harinath

  • Supplementation with Alpha Lipoic Acid improves the in vitro development of embryos in nicotine-treated mice
    Rozzana MS, Zaiton Z, Rajikin MH, Fadzilah S and Zanariyah A

  • Increased levels of Interleukin-4, 5 and 10 and decreased levels of Interleukin-2 and Interferon-gamma in lymphatic filariasis
    Alpana Sharma, Medha Rajappa, P.L.Mehndiratta and A. Saxena

  • Role of ascorbic acid in the prevention of iron-deficiency anaemia in pregnancy
    E. N. Shu and S. O. Ogbodo

  • Testicular changes in rat exposed to Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) during organogenesis
    Royana Singh

  • Efficacy of a small dose of oral dexamethasone in croup
    Mohammed Alshehr, Talal Almegamsi, Anwar Hammdi

  • Primary care physicians' agreement with NCEP-ATP II Guidelines in management of hyperlipidemia
    Khalid S. Al- Gelban

  • L-NAME prevents EEG and behavioral alterations induced by Morphine and Deltorphin II in the rabbit
    Anna Capasso and Federica Cavallo